B2B Matchmaking Meeting
"6-hour face-to-face meeting" to develop business and explore new channels

Date: August 20, 2021

To continue its previous brilliance, SWTF will make exclusive business meetings for B2B intensively held on August 20th one day.

The efficiency of business cooperation will be improved by the mode of pre-exhibition system match-making, accurate screening, on-site service, and online booking plus offline negotiation. The trend topic can be shared, along with the trend and direction of the tourism industry can be discussed in CLUB banquet.

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Efficient B2B Matchmaking

Remotely connecting overseas exhibitors with Chinese buyers

Verified buyers with clear purchasing needs

Trend, management and market situation of tourism

Pleasant and relaxed business banquet

Why participate in B2B Matchmaking Meeting?

1. 80% of the previous exhibitors find new business opportunities in SWTF every year, and the scope of exhibitors covers international destinations,

travel agencies, ground handling agencies, scenic spots, aviation, cruises, hotels and other related industry institutions and enterprises

2. Match matching system improves docking efficiency

On-site matching :

Exhibitors and certified buyers make an appointment with each other through preliminary understanding and face-to-face talks during the exhibition.

Online matching :

Aims to provide a business docking platform for overseas exhibitors and Chinese buyers who cannot attend the exhibition due to the epidemic.

Both exhibitors and buyers can take this opportunity to build business opportunities and prepare for future business development.

3. Accurate buyer resources.

Buyers who have passed identity authentication and verified by the organizer enter the buyer system database. After the exhibition's special buyer system is continuously upgraded, the matching degree between buyers and exhibitors is further improved. In 2019, more than 300 buyers were invited on site, and 3,723 matchings were completed, with buyer satisfaction exceeding 80%.

At the same time, the constantly updated industry database of nearly 60,000 helps exhibitors accurately reach every precise audience, promotes close contact between exhibitors and audiences, and brings more business opportunities for exhibitors.