Immersive Carnival of Colorful World
Immersive Local Performance

Enjoy 5D-style experiece

It provides immersive experience platform of "traveling the world in one day" for visitors. Special customs performances, carnivals, and international food all over the world will be displayed onsite.Exotic performance will be brought from around the world to before people's eyes.

Night Market + Carnival Parade

Unforgettable Weekend

Exhibition will open at night, make visitors & exhibitors in cheerful atmosphere. The exhibition content featuring "delicious, fun, and beautiful" will be extended to the night market until 9 pm, bringing another round of joyful experience to the visitors still lingering on.

Cultural & Creative

Exhibitors all over the world bring cultural and creative activities to exhibition, committed to promoting destination culture and tourism activities. SWTF 2019, Chinese and international cultural and creative activities such as Italian floral art,Musicals,etc. attract a large number of visitors to gather and watch.

Cross-industry activities held to share joy

The cross-industry event "Your Pet Wants to See the Big, Big World", it will offers another novel experience by inviting visitors bring their pets to wear makeup from around the world, share photos of different destinations of exhibitors in SWTF 2021 which will leave visitors with moments of laughter and joy with their dear pets.