Dear exhibitors:

Thank you for your support and attention to the 17th Shanghai World Travel Fair (SWTF 2021)!

This exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center in August 2021!

The Lead Marketing visitor joint invitation event is a new means of increasing the efficiency of the exhibition. We are committed to solving the tedious and time-consuming invitation work for you, and the organizer provides the visitor service system, which Will help your customers complete the visitor pre-registration with a more professional service system, and strive to enhance the added value of the exhibition!

All invited professional visitors will get a free visit (for those without an invitation letter, tickets need to be purchased on site),

In addition, a pre-registered professional visitor channel was set up at the exhibition site to facilitate visiting the exhibition.


After you complete the information in the exhibitor’s manual,

We will prepare your own e-commerce invitation letter and WeChat invitation template for you,

Your exhibition information that is conducive to your greatest promotion.

Visitors who register through the company’s exclusive invitation code will be directly included in the company’s name.

More effectiency to help you build new customer groups!

Joint solicitation rights:

Move your fingers to win exhibition advertising resources!

The top 3 exhibitors in total are invited to present advertising resources for the 17th Shanghai World Tourism Expo!

First place: advertisement worth 30,000 yuan;

Second place: advertising worth 20,000 yuan;

Third place: advertisement worth 10,000 yuan;

There are also new ladder invitation rewards

The number of invites reaches more than 30 people. 1 Huawei sports bracelet or 1 Philips electric toothbrush (choose one of the two)

The number of invitations reaches 20-29 people, 1 vacuum flask

The number of invitations reaches 10~19 people, one box of drinking water

Note: All the above-mentioned ladder reward systems can be shared with ranking rewards, and the final interpretation right belongs to the organizer.

Thank you very much for your support to the exhibition, and wish you success in the exhibition!

If you have any questions, please consult the organizer:

Contact: Amily Deng