Traffic Guide

Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) is located in the core economic and industrial development zone of Pudong, Shanghai.

Metro Line 7 can go directly to SNIEC, and its Huamu Road Station is adjacent to Hall W5 of Shanghai New International Expo Center.

In addition, the large-scale transportation hub—Longyang Road Station (located on Longyang Road) is only 600 meters away from SNIEC.

Metro Line 2, Metro Line 7, Maglev train, and many bus lines meet here.

Walk for 10 minutes from Longyang Road Station to SNIEC.

Pudong International Airport → Exhibition Hall

● Taxi: about 40 minutes, the fare is about 100 yuan.

● Maglev train: only 8 minutes, one-way 50 yuan (if the ticket is shown, one-way 40 yuan), round-trip 80 yuan.

● Subway: Take Line 2 to Longyang Road Station, walk or transfer to Line 7 to SNIEC Exhibition Hall, about 65 minutes, the fare is 6 yuan.

● Airport Fifth Line: about 50 minutes, the fare is 16 yuan.

   Pudong International Airport Hotline: 021-38484500

Hongqiao Airport → Exhibition Hall

●Taxi: About 35 minutes, the fare is about 80 yuan.

●Metro: Take Line 2 to Longyang Road Station, walk or transfer to Line 7 to SNIEC, about 60 minutes, the fare is 5 yuan.

   Hongqiao Airport Enquiry Hotline: 021-62688918

   Shanghai Railway Station → Exhibition Hall

●Rental: 16 kilometers apart, the fare is about 45 yuan.

●Metro: Take Line 1 to People’s Square Station, transfer to Line 2 and get off at Longyang Road Station.

   Walk or transfer to Line 7 to SNIEC; about 35 minutes; the fare is 4 yuan.

Shanghai South Railway Station → Exhibition Hall

●Rental: 20 kilometers apart; the fare is about 55 yuan.

●Metro: Take Line 1 to People’s Square Station, transfer to Line 2 and get off at Longyang Road Station.

   Walk or transfer to Line 7 to SNIEC; about 45 minutes; the fare is 5 yuan.

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station → Exhibition Hall

●Rental: 35 kilometers apart, the fare is about 100 yuan.

●Metro: Take Line 2 to Longyang Road Station, walk or transfer to Line 7 to SNIEC; about 50 minutes; the fare is 6 yuan.

Shanghai Railway Station Enquiry Hotline: 021-6179090

Metro → Pavilion

● Subway:

Line 1 Changshu Road Station, Line 2 Jing’an Temple Station, Line 3 Zhenping Road Station,

Line 4 Zhenping Road Station or Dongan Road Station, you can transfer to Line 7 directly to SNIEC.

● Subway: Zhongshan Park Station of Lines 3 and 4, People's Square Station of Lines 1, 8 and Century Avenue Station of Lines 4, 6, 9

You can transfer to Line 2 and get off at Longyang Road Station, then walk or transfer to Line 7 to SNIEC.

Bus → Exhibition Hall

Many bus lines pass through SNIEC, and there are stations nearby: 989 section, Daqiao No. 5 line, Daqiao No. 6 section,

Fangchuan Special Line, Dongchuan Special Line, Huamu No.1 Road, Airport Line 3, Airport Line 6, 975, 976, etc.

Bus hotline: 16088160

Taxi → Exhibition hall

Didi Taxi, Meituan Taxi or Booking Hotline: Volkswagen Taxi 96822, Bus Taxi 96840,

Jinjiang Lease 96961, Johnson & Johnson Lease 62580000, Agricultural Industrial and Commercial Lease 96965

Self-driving → Exhibition hall

SNIEC is located at the intersection of Longyang Road and Luoshan Road, which is easy to pass.

It can be reached directly from the city center across Nanpu Bridge and Yangpu Bridge.

Parking spaces: SNIEC has 4,603 parking spaces for guests to park.

Parking fee: RMB 5 per hour, capped at RMB 40 per day. This rate is applicable to cars or other light vehicles.

Visitors FAQs

Q: I am a trade visitor. How to make a reservation for visit?

A: Thanks for your support. Please register your interest to visit and get free pass at our portal: The visitors who pass the review should bring the confirmation code to exchange the badge on-site. (Please prepare your ID card or two business cards. And please pay attention that the confirmation letter and code could be only used by yourself. Any forwarding code is invalid.)

Q: What can I do when I meet some trouble during the registration process?

A: If you need any assistant during the registration process, please call 400-821-3388 or email to to contact the organizing committee.

Q: I am a trade visitor who has already completed the pre-registration. How to enter the exhibition center?

A: Both ways below are available:

① Print out the confirmation letter sent to your mailbox by the organizing committee, and prepare two business cards or identification to exchange the badge on-site.

② Before the exhibition, the organizing committee will send the confirmation code again to your cellphone. You can check in directly after show your short message on-site. (Please pay attention that any forwarding short message is invalid.)

Q: I have both invitation letter and invitation code. If I enter the hall with invitation code, can the invitation letter be used by my friend?

A: The uniqueness of admission: Because of the real-name registration system, one of the ways used, the other one would automatically lose effectiveness. So please take good care of your personal information and relevant material to avoid any unnecessary troubles.

Q: Could the trade visitor badge be effective through 3 days in the exhibition?

A: The trade visitor badge could only be used at the first day in the trade show. It could only be admitted by ticket during the last two days.

Q: How to buy tickets as a public visitor?

A: It can be only admitted by ticket on the public visitor day . There is no badge for exchange. You can buy tickets at ticket agent or website in advance, or buy tickets on the spot.

Q: Are children free of charge?

A: Children must be accompanied by parents. It is free for children below 1.2m. Children over 1.2m should pay full price for the ticket.

Q: What is the code of conduct for trade visitors?

A: Shanghai World Travel Fair trade show is a B2B business platform. To ensure creating a harmonious business environment, any sales or activities such as handing out leaflets without permission of the sponsor is forbidden. Well-dressed will be more professional at the exhibition. Minors under 18 years old will not be allowed into the venue.

Q: What is the code of conduct for public visitors?

A: Please read the following terms carefully. Let us co-create a harmonious surrounding.

1) Shanghai World Travel Fair public show is a B2C interactive platform. Please accept the security line consciously. Flammable and combustible, controlled knives and other dangerous goods are refused to carry into the venue.

2) Please observe public order and don’t make any noise to disturb the competition or performance in the venue. All illegal actions and uncivilized behavior which has nothing to do with the visit are forbidden.

3) No smoking in the venue. Please keep the venue clean, no littering and graffiti.

4) Please take your valuables with you in case you lose them.

5) Please take care of your children because of the people flow. You should take responsible and pay for all the accidents or losses caused by yourself.