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DRUG ON TAX FREE MEDICAL DRUG STORE DRUG ON is a popular tax free drug store located in the beautiful city Fukuoka in Japan. In Nagasaki, Kagoshima, Miyazaki, and in every big city in Kyushu, there are our shops. All kinds of popular medical goods and articles for daily use are provided in our stores. Whether the newest goods, or popular goods out of stock, you can find them in DRUG ON. We have a lot of cosmetic consultants who can speak Japanese, Chinese, Korea and English. It makes you have completely no need to worry about communication problems. Our cosmetic consultants provide you the most attentive service, help you to solve the problems in your shopping time, let you effectively complete your cosmeceutical shopping plan. Welcom to DRUG ON!
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Economic and Commercial Office of Peru in Shanghai People’s Republic of China
Economic and Commercial Office of Peru in Shanghai People’s Republic of China is a government office in charge to promote Peruvian tourism attractions.
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Shenzhen Dreamvacation Business Travel Service Co.,Ltd
Dreamvacation founded in May 2014 and headquartered in Shenzhen. Products including travel packages, discount airline tickets, International hotel. For providing customers with more than 100 countries and regions of the high quality of tourist routes. In the future we will work to become the larger tourist company, to provide professional, timely and efficient travel services for different needs of customers.
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AIG Insurance Company China Limited
American International Group, Inc. (AIG) is a leading global insurance organization. Founded in 1919, today we provide a wide range of property casualty insurance, life insurance, retirement products, mortgage insurance and other financial services to customers in more than 100 countries and jurisdictions. Our diverse offerings include products and services that help businesses and individuals protect their assets, manage risks and provide for retirement security. AIG common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. AIG Insurance Company China Limited (AIG China, formerly Chartis Insurance Company China Limited), a member company of AIG, is a registered property insurer in China, with branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong Province, Shenzhen, Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province.
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American Medical Network Alliance
AMN Alliance (AMNA) is a revolutionary agency that provides world-class health and wellness services to International members seeking medical treatment or routine checkups in the United States. Unlike other international health care options on the market, AMNA is a membership-based organization that allows the flexibility of top-notch services with vast savings averaging 20-30% at many highly ranked U.S. health facilities. Choosing and applying for the best membership is easy. AMNA is designed to offer the transparency and flexibility to select from a large variety of specialized services and exams at a wide range of in-network hospitals across the United States that offer world-class services similar to what other “brand-name” facilities offer, at a fraction of the cost. The diverse choices can accommodate any financial situation.
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The seagulls tourism group co., LTD. Is a collection of tourism products wholesale, group reception and bus rental business in one large-scale group company, headquartered in Los Angeles, of the seagull bus companies such as vacation and seagulls. Gull holiday - tourism products wholesale. Service object for the United States, Canada, China, Australia and so on more than 2000 travel agencies all over the world, to its wholesale seagull tourism group tour products and to undertake the major travel agencies in the United States to meet the business. The seagulls bus - bus rental service. Each company has its own professional team, the driver has ten years experience of commercial bus driving in the United States, each bus are purchase liability insurance for the $5 million. Companies have a license for a public facility management committee (PUC), transport for California license (ICC) and the U.S. department of transportation license (DOT). Seagulls tourism group has always been adhering to the solid solid style, in the steady growth. From start-up period of plowed into the growth model for win popular praise in the industry today, just is a good example of this development. Group management and practice of top executives has rich industry experience. Clerk after strict selection, professional application: driver are after strict selection and safety training, has 10 years experience of commercial bus driving in the United States; Guide is proficient in mandarin, cantonese, English, Taiwanese and Vietnamese, known as the United States, Canada and other countries scenic spot and local conditions and customs, and understand all the different needs of guests, able to be present for the distinguished guests in the true sense of intellectual journey. This group is dedicated to provide you with the best tour and the highest quality professional services. If you have any question about our trip or need more detailed information, welcome to contact us for consultation, we will be first-class service wholeheartedly for you to provide the best, the most abundant, tourist information is most suited to your needs.
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America International Travel Services Inc.
America Int’l Travel Services Inc. (Across America) was established in 2003 in San Francisco, USA. As you know, San Francisco is the major port for Chinese people who travel to the U.S. We have operation team, bus fleet and tour guide team totaling over 200 employees in Hawaii, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. They can service you all around the States. We have very good relationships with tourism bureaus of States/Cities, destinations and world brand hotels. We are qualified by National Tour Associate (NTA) to serve China’s leisure group market.
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Air Mauritius
The Air Mauritius experience As the national carrier Air Mauritius is proud to represent the Island and to bring a bright splash of the tropics to the skies. The onboard experience aims to reflect the spirit of our island home, from the friendly smiles of the attentive crew right down to the aromatic mix of spices in the inflight meals. The varied menu draws its inspiration from the diverse cultural identity of Mauritius, with a range of appetising dishes inspired by the Creole, Asian, Indian and European flavours of the Mauritian unique culinary heritage. A new generation seats offer a 31 inch (79 cm) seat pitch in Economy and 60 inches (152 cms) in Business Class. Passengers can find a copy of the inflight Islander magazine, with features to help them discover the best of Mauritius and all the other global destinations. Fleet • 4 Airbus 340-300C: Pink Pigeon, Cardinal, Paille en queue, Parakeet (local birds names) • 2 Airbus 340-300E: Flamboyant (local tree) and Chamarel (famous Mauritian sight, the 7 coloured earth of Chamarel) • 2 Airbus 330-200: Trochetia and Nenuphars (local flowers) • 2 Airbus 319-100: Mont Choisy and Blue Bay (Mauritian districts famous for their beaches) 2 ATR 72-500: Port Mathurin (capital city of the Island of Rodrigues which is under Mauritian administration) and Ile aux Aigrettes (one of the Islands surrounding Mauritius)
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The Manila Hotel
Since its inception in 1912, Manila Hotel has been regarded by many as the “Showcase of the Philippines” and “Address of Prestige.” At that time until now, it has taken its place among the finest in the world meeting the most demanding needs of its distinguished guests from business tycoons to royalty and heads of state. As a testament of the luxury accommodation and high standard of service it offers, Manila Hotel continues to be the recipient of numerous awards and distinctions from prestigious local and international publications and institutions. While maintaining the elegance of the past, it likewise persists to evolve and strives to outdo what it has already accomplished. To date, Manila Hotel is a national landmark that remains to be an active and affectionate witness to Philippine history, which cannot be matched.
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Marianas Visitors Authority
The Northern Mariana Islands, a lush tropical Micronesian paradise of 14 islands in the western Pacific, offers the perfect getaway for visitors from both East and West. Called “America’s best kept secret”, here you can truly escape to a place of magnificent beaches and crystal clear aqua waters, rich history, year-round outdoor activities, world class diving and golfing. There’s also international shopping, a wide range of ethnic restaurants and a cacophony of international and indigenous cultures adding their unique flavors to this beach resort.
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Malaysia My Second Home Service Center
Malaysia My Second Home Service Center is the first domestic service office specialized in Malaysia My Second Home emigration program. It has provided multiple service to 150 partners in Malaysia My Second Home, overseas house purchasing, education and study abroad, as well as trade investment for many years. It has offered all-round service to hundreds of families in China from year to year.
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88 Amazing Holidays Sdn Bhd
The trusted tour operator in Malaysia: Meeting & Incentive Tours, Golf Tour, Island Escape (Penang, Langkawi, Kota Kinabalu, Perhentian, Redang, Tioman), Free & Easy Tours
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Marcopolo Europe Gorgeous Tour
Italy Marcopolo Europe Gorgeous Tour was founded in fashion capital – Milano. It registered as an international tourism company which approved by ENIT. In 2012, The Company had set up Chinese Service Station in Nanjing and Shanghai. We are devoted to serve nationwide peering tour agencies. Business Scope: 1. To customize Travel 2. To provide official business investigating tours 3. To Provide Conference service 4. To Provide Free line of custom-made 5. To provide Single resource reservation service
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Reunion Tourism Board
Reunion Island Tourism Board (IRT) As an institutional organisation and project manager for marketing Reunion as a tourist destination, the IRT implements policies for tourism decided by the Regional Council, in consultation with institutional and professional representatives. With expertise recognised by the department’s entities and territories, the IRT plays a key role in defining and implementing the island's tourism strategy. Founded on 13th December 2007, the Reunion Island Tourism Board (IRT) is a French Association (Law of 1901), regulated by the Tourism Code. As a Regional Tourist Board (CRT), the IRT’s role involves tasks previously assigned to a Departmental Tourism Committee (CDT). Duties : Implementation of the department’s tourism strategy, Reunion Island destination promotion The IRT’s main mission is to contribute to the growing number of travellers coming to Reunion Island. To achieve its ambitions, the IRT focuses its efforts on two key levers: SEASONAL ADJUSTMENT OF ARRIVALS • A desire to develop tourist arrivals, especially in the 1st half year, outside the peak tourist season (4th quarter). • Make it a “voyage of emotions” throughout the year. DIVERSIFICATION OF THE CLIENTELE • Based on the source markets of mainland France, Europe and the emerging markets. • Taking into account the types of traveller: targeting socio-professional categories, behavioural profiles... With its geographical position, Reunion Island has since 2010 worked in cooperation with the neighbouring islands of the Indian Ocean (Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar, Mayotte, Comoros) around the concept of the "Vanilla Islands". This collaboration will help to increase investment so that together, the islands are more complementary and competitive. Thank you to an agreement facilitating the entry of Chinese visit the island of Reunion, Reunion Island Tourism Board has identified the Chinese tourists as one of its main markets in the Indian Ocean. In order to position Reunion Island as a preferred island destination for Chinese travelers, Reunion Island Tourism Board has set up tailored actions to China since 2014. These actions have common objectives : - To increase the awareness of Reunion Island as an island destination within the Chinese market - To increase the number of visitors from China to the island - To have a positive impact on the perception of Reunion Island as a destination - To build Reunion Island’s online community in China For more Information : Contact : Stephane BONNEAU : s.bonneau@reunion.fr Head of Marketing & Promotion Wide Indian Ocean & Asia Blog: www.gotoreunion.cn Weibo: www.weibo.com/reunionchina Wechat: ReunionIsland
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AsiaPay Limited
About AsiaPay Founded in 2000, AsiaPay, a premier electronic payment solution and technology vendor and payment service provider, strives to bring advanced, secure, integrated and cost-effective electronic payment processing solutions and services to banks, corporate and eBusinesses in the worldwide market, covering international credit card, China UnionPay (CUP) card, debit card and other prepaid card payments. Headquartered in Hong Kong, AsiaPay offers its professional ePayment solution consultancy and quality local service support across its other 12 offices in Asia including:Thailand,Philippines,Singapore,Malaysia,Mainland,China(Shanghai/Guangzhou/Shenzhen), Taiwan, Vietnam and India. For more information, please visit www.asiapay.com and www.paydollar.com.
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Lishui Tourism Commission
Lishui in Chinese means beautiful water. Nestled between the Oujiang River to the south and mountains all around, Lishui is known as a photographer's paradise for its spectacular scenery. Here, you can find awe-inspiring mountains, quiet woods, spectacular caverns and lovely cascades. Here are dispersed 19 National 4A-Level Scenic Spots, and many national/provincial cultural relics. Natural landscape and cultural relics are combined to make the prefecture unforgettable. Lishui is also China's biggest prefecture where Shezu people live in close communities. The brilliant culture of Shezu people is sure to fascinate tourists from all parts of the world. Welcome to Lishui to have your own experience.
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Now, Lazy Cat is the largest Chinese OTA focus on FIT products , our business covers day or half-day tours, transfer service, excursions, car rental, ship and vehicle charter, attraction ticket, spa, restaurants, tour guide and even translation service. We can fit all the travelers’ needs.In 2015,we have developed 8 countries, and our aim is 30 countries in 3-year time.They are Thailand、Nepal、Malaysia、Indonesia、Australia、New Zealand、Mauritius 、Saipan and Turkey。In 2016 March,we started to develop Maldives, Kenya and Tanzania ……We focus on the supplying chain and ground service. We want our clients to have the best user experience.
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